[événement] Fotografie und Provenienzforschung (Photography and provenance research) DZK Annual Conference,

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[événement] Fotografie und Provenienzforschung (Photography and provenance research) DZK Annual Conference,

avril 18 - avril 19

The importance and role of photographs as central sources and at the same time as material objects in provenance research is a current and explosive topic, but one that has so far been dealt with relatively rarely. The informative value and quality of written sources and archival materials are the subject of intense debate in provenance research circles. The source-critical attitude towards photographic documents, on the other hand, is even less developed.

In addition, there is still a need for an open exchange about how to deal with photographs that depict sensitive objects or situations, which includes the various fields of provenance research.

The great opportunities, but equally great challenges and dangers that come with the digital processing and manipulation of photographs or their automated processing and analysis require a critical examination in provenance research. For this purpose, the current state of discussion in image and media studies could be better received through provenance research.

Topics from this broad spectrum, which is only briefly outlined here, are to be discussed at the 2024 annual conference of the German Lost Art Foundation. It will take place on April 18th and 19th, 2024 in the Leipzig University Library. We invite provenance researchers, employees from museums and memorial sites, cultural and image scientists, ethnologists, historians, photo historians and other interested parties to propose contributions for this conference.


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avril 18
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avril 19
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